The Invading Armadillo

Dealing With An Armadillo Invasion

Armadillos have a natural tendency to dig. They do this to capture grub and earthworms as well as to burrow to raise their young and to hide from predators on the surface. Armadillos have a great sense of smell and can detect insects inches below the surface. Once the food is located, armadillos can quickly dig and lick out the bugs with their tongue. Because they are nocturnal, they are usually up to this activity at night, as they are sleeping during the day.

Similar to Atlanta squirrel removal, typical complaints leading up to professional armadillo removal include: large tunnels under the house or building, holes around the yard, ruined landscaping, broken pipes, and disturbance of household pets. If dealing with this pest, it is important to contact wildlife authority who can humanely and professionally trap and relocate the armadillo. Because this species is non-native to most states, it is usually illegal to capture, remove and relocate an armadillo without the presence of a professional.

Contrary to popular belief, armadillos are harmless creatures who will not bite if encountered. They have tiny, round, peg-like teeth that are meant for chewing and grinding up small insects. Perhaps the most unique and obvious feature of an armadillo though is their shell that covers their body. It is made of bony plates that allow the animal to run quickly and maneuver easily throughout the ground. Another interesting fact about these critters is that they stop growing after about one year. Their full size is only about 12 pounds.

In conclusion, the armadillo is a harmless animal that is usually seen as a nuisance because of the troubles that go along with its digging. They are insignificant to the ecology of the land and live a simple life, trying to find food, shelter, and safety from predators.

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